66 Day Challenge™- in english

Duration 10 weeks


66 day challenge


Welcome to 66 days of delicious and healthy food from the Mediterranean!
Join us in a 66-day Mediterranean food journey where a low-carb diet is combined with intermittent fasting to help you get fitter, healthier and slimmer! Ulrika Davidsson will help you with holistic meal planning, delicious recipes, and guidance on how to take on the challenge and stick to it. With effective low -carb diet plans and calorie-calculated recipes that are easy to follow and prepare, time is saved on meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking. You get to try several different diets along the way, all effective for both weight loss and for continuing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the above you get to learn how to cook and enjoy healthy everyday food with delicious Mediterranean flavors.

/Ulrika Davidsson


The 66 Day Challenge works

Thousands of people have already accepted and completed the challenge. The results have been incredible, and the success is a fact. Ulrika’s 66 Day Challenge™ was launched in 2019 and we are contacted daily by customers who have completed these 10 weeks and achieved goals they never thought possible. We have embraced all the feedback from our customers, creating brand new diet plans and recipes with inspiration from the Mediterranean – we give you the 66 Day Challenge™ with Mediterranean food!


The reasoning behind 66 Day Challenge with Mediterranean Food?

In this course you will get all the tools you need to succeed with your personal health journey. We promise that after 66 days you will have made a big change with your health at many levels and  for some it will be a life changing experience. Ulrika will guide you through all the 66 days to ensure you achieve a fantastic result. It is all about making it easy for you with healthy and delicious recipes, effective diet plans for increased combustion and also exercise schedules. Ulrika have made it easy for you by preparing these days, so now it’s your job to complete them!


Why 66 days?

The reasoning behind the success lies in the length of the course. You will invest 66 days of your life, a fairly short time, to achieve a clear result, to make a change. You will succeed because during these days you will follow a schedule, you will get information about exactly what to eat, how to exercise, how to think – how to take on the challenge. You’ve probably tried to make a health change before, most of our customers have, but the reason you’ll succeed this time is because during these 66 days you reprogram your body and simply change your habits into new healthy ones – for the long term.


The course includes:

  • Effective diet plans that are easy to follow
  • Calorie-calculated low-carb recipes
  • You get to try low-carb, intermittent fasting, and food prep
  • Combustion tactics
  • Exercise schedule – start moving!
  • How to find your inner power to create a health change


What type of food will I eat in the course?

The diet plan is based on a low-carb diet in combination with intermittent fasting with an emphasis on tasty and delicious food. The recipes in this course are inspired by the Mediterranean style of cooking and its flavors. However, all ingredients can easily be found in local grocery stores. The recipes are also, as in Ulrika’s other courses, easy to cook and are adapted to work in everyday life. By adding pasta/rice/bread all recipes can easily be adapted to family members who do not want or should exclude carbohydrates from their diet.

Because Ulrika have been inspired by the food around the Mediterranean, recipes contain fewer dairy products and more vegetables than we in the Nordic countries might be used to. This is also one of the reasons why the Mediterranean diet is considered so healthy. We really hope that in this course you will find many new favorites that will accompany you for a long time to come!


What can you expect from the 66 Day Challenge™?

We don’t want to brag but if you choose to really take on the challenge, we can promise that you will change your habits. Each person has their own goal and challenge, but whether your goal is to lose 15 kilos, run 10 km in under an hour, find a healthier attitude to your diet or something completely different, we can promise that with the course’s unique setup and the daily coaching in the closed Facebook group during these 66 days you will find a method to get there.


What our customers say about 66 DAY CHALLENGE™

“I can’t believe you can eat so much delicious food when you’re losing weight. I really can’t complain!”

“My goal was to get rid of my sugar addiction. I completed my 66 Day Challenge last week and have reached my goal. I’m free of my sugar addiction, thank you!”

“I’ve been struggling for over 20 years with my excess weight. I took on the challenge when I saw my colleagues’ incredible results after they participated in the 66 Day Challenge. Now that I’ve done my 66 days, I’m 17 kilos lighter and feel so much better. The only regret is why I didn’t do this earlier.”

We are there for you – every day

We have our own Facebook group where you, together with other course participants, will get feedback from Ulrika and her team. We will be there every day to motivate you and to answer any questions that you have. The group members also have a responsibility to support, motivate and help each other.


Once you have booked this course, a confirmation will be sent to your email address within one hour including a link to your course material.

You will  receive a login to your personal account on ulrikadavidsson.se where you will find all the material for the course 66 Day Challenge with Mediterranean food. You have access to the material for one full year.

The emails will be in Swedish and here is a short guide to get you started.

  1. Username is your first and second name example: julia.ostberg
  2. You can log in to your account and get access to your course material on https://ulrikadavidsson.se/mitt-konto/
  3. You will find your log-in password in the email and it will looks something like this:  y$ws4K2Hq9c245
  4. You will  also receive a short guide by email to help you getting started.

Kickstart your health journey with tasty and healthy Mediterranean food


Detta är
THIS IS a course to help you Kickstart your health journey with tasty and healthy Mediterranean food
Du får
YOU WILL GET a personal account with:
- Schedule to complete your personal health journey
- Guides to get started with exercise and a 10 week program
- Diet plans with calorie-calculated and easy-to-cook recipes
- Shopping list
- Nutrition documents and guides
För vem
FOR WHOM? Anyone who wants a good challenge for a sustainable lifestyle
Du behöver
YOU WILL NEED lunch boxes, hand blender, blender, training equipment and running shoes
Beräknad viktnedgång
Estimated weightloss 10 weeks: 12-16 kg

Price for 10 weeks- SEK 1798*

*You have access to the course material for 365 days from the time you purchase the course

Kursens innehåll


The 66 day Challenge concept


Follow your progress
Three plans for success
Meal planning
How to choose healthy ingredients


Intermittent fasting and diets
Nutrition - protein, carbohydrates and fat
The Healthy Mediterranean kitchen


Diet plans
Shopping lists


Training schedule and excercies


A healthy lifestyle
Create your own diet plan
Thank you and well done!

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